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Double-layer dry & wet ore sorting machine

AMD double-layer dry & wet ore sorting machine is designed for the purification of 2-70mm ore particles with high performance.

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The fast belt-type ore machine KGS5 is designed for the separation and purification of metallic and non-metallic ores in wet separation processes.  AMD ore sorting machine is perfectly suited to the sorting requirements of quartz ores, barite, potassium feldspar, etc.

Techinical Application

  • Widely applicable to the sorting of non-metallic ores, metallic ores and other materials. 
  • It is suitable for separating large particles of 2-70mm size, wet ore, dry ore, etc. 
  • The new structure solves the problem of mutual adhesion between ore and belt in the process of ore processing, etc.

Our Advantages

  • Multi-optical path compensation system for finer detection and more stable operation.
  • New structure plus high speed spray valve for more accurate rejection and lower loss.
  • Open far-focus design, new dust cleaning and dust removal system, making machine operation more stable.
  • Ore specific AI algorithm, combined with remote APP, makes detection more intelligent and operation more convenient.
  • The whole machine adopts a new ore-specific system with optional deep learning module, which makes the sorting range wider and the operation more efficient.

Sorting Applications

AMD wet ore sorting machine



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is a national high-tech enterprise and a main board listed company specializing in the research  and development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent sorting equipment

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20+years of manufacturing experiences,
100+product series 
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300+ invention patents
25,000+ customers worldwide
40,000+ machines running worldwide
100+ Million USD sales revenue in year 2021

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