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AMD® Deep Learning color sorter for beans, seeds and peanuts

AMD® P-LG series belt sorters apply leading-edge deep learning technology.

It is designed to meet the needs of higher-precision sorting in the processing industries such as beans, seeds, and peanuts.

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AMD P-LG series color sorter machines are mainly used for higher sorting beans, seeds, peanuts, wheats, grains, chili that traditional color sorter can not handel.

AMD deep learning series products adopt 12 core technologies, such as Kunpeng integrated modeling technology, deep learning algorithm, S-level professional vision system, DGS smart chip, e-image processing system, to realize the multi-dimensional and multi-characteristic identification of materials from color, shape, texture, area, light and shade, weight, soft and hard, and cooperate with the centroid 3.0 algorithm to comprehensively improve the ability of shape, color and miscellaneous sorting.

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AMD seeds beans peanut sorting machine

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AMD beans, seeds, peanuts sorting machine

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is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of intelligent sorting equipment. At Zhongke AMD, we are committed to providing the most valuable sorting solutions and equipment for beans, seeds, peanuts, nuts, wheats, corn processing industries. 

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