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AMD® I Pro 3D Plastic Material Sorting Machine

This optical plastic separator machine is mainly used for the separation and purification of PET/PP/HDPE/PC/alloy/PMMA/ABS/PS/PVC/nylon/POM and other materials. It is available for single, dual, and multi-step sorting during the plastic flakes recycling process.

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Zhongke AMD is always at the forefront of innovation and brings forward-looking technology to the plastic recycling industry. Advanced multispectral sensors recognizes various plastic materials based on their specific and unique spectral properties. 

  • With a single AMD® I Pro plastic separator machine, you can seperate and differentiate a variety of plastic flakes, including PP, PC, PS, ABS, PE, PET, PVC, PMMA, etc.
  • It can be used for the sorting and purification of high-quality AAA flakes, blue-white flakes, engineering materials and tailings, creating greater utilization value.
  • Excellent sorting performance in the identification and separation of PET and non-PET, with ultra-low carry-out, powder handling, reverse sorting capabilities, and lower losses.
  • Using a single I pro machine can achieve a variety of material sorting, unique inversion function, and processing of tailings.
  • It can identify and remove special materials such as aluminum sheets, springs, and wood.
  • Special cameras can be customized for a certain key material to improve the output and recovery rate of key materials and reduce losses.
  • In addition, the operating interface of AMD® polymer flake sorter is very simple and easy to use. High performance, throughput from 1 to 6 tons/hour. Flexible configuration allows single-step or multi-step sorting for the purest end product.

With more AMD® optical plastic sorting machines such as plastic flake color sorters, aging plastic flake sorting equipment, etc., higher purity recovery rates can be achieved.

Polymers Sorting Applications

AMD I Pro Optical Sorter by Material for Plastic Recycling

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Polymer Flake Sorter

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is a national high-tech enterprise and a main board listed company specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of intelligent sorting equipment.

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