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AMD InGaAs color sorter

Multi-spectral combination technology with the resonable matching of visible light and infrared light, to perfectly separate  the shells and kernels like Walnut, Badam and Almond, Plastic etc.

  • Product Detail

I series intelligent InGaAs color sorting machine

  • Multi-core parallel image processing system: Adopting the new multi-core parallel processing system, the color sorting, shape sorting, and intelligent sorting programs flexibly match and run synchronously, and the foreign matter accurate recognition algorithm is integrated to provide a more flexible sorting combination program with higher color sorting accuracy.

  • High-precision image acquisition system: Equipped with 5400 × 3 X 12K international cutting-edge industry full-color high-speed line scan imaging CCD sensor, provides up to 190 million pixels per second of high-resolution images , The special color sorting lens tailored by the top international suppliers accurately recognizes the subtle defect of 0.04mm㎡, and meets the high-end color sorting requirements of yellow, mildew, frozen seed, bud head independent sorting and simultaneous sorting

  • Zhongke Big Data: Zhongke Big Data creates an open and massive database that stores a wide range of material solutions to achieve multiple sorting on one machine. A single machine can complete primary,secondary,tertiary and quaternarysorting at the same time, reducing the carry-over ratio. It can be used for yellow, mildew, and freezing seeds, sprouts, widely used to maximize product value for customers, sharing the convenience and business value of the big data era.

Machine parameter

Main technical parameters ,take walnut with less than 10% impurities as an example:

Note:Reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notice

  • Multi-type chutes with anodizing treatment to ensure smooth material flow,improve machine sorting performance,meet different requirement from customers.  
  • High efficient and durable LED lamps ensures long life span of the sorter. True RGB controllable background assembly applied to cleaning and grading of muitiple materials.
  • Compound image algorthm realizes intelligent and accurate identification from color ,texture,shape,size and material.
  • High definition low distortion lens “copys” the real information into machine visual system. 5400 px RGB trichromatic CCD sensor & Infrared CCD sensor analyze full spetrum from the material.
  • High-end imported INTEL ALTERA “Cyclone” IV generation FGPA chips bring huge speed capacity of data processing and exchange max as100 mega byte per second. 
  • 12” LCD touch screen and Windows based system equipped with most simplified interface and remote control and mobile devices control Only for easy operation.
  • Compact Magnev high frequency ejectors ensures the quality of accepted products after sorting,reduce the rate of good kernel inside of rejected products and   consumption of compressor. 
  • Food grade water proof vacuum inner package and seaworthy wooden box ensure safety of the cagos delivery from whatever tremendous change of sea shipping conditions meet. 

Design and offer various type of sorter according to different customers' requirement and material features,to achieve the optimal sorting performance.

This InGaAs color sorter can reach both color sorting,shape sorting, Kernel and Shell Separating  functions

After-sales service

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