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AMD FX X-Ray Foreign Matter Detector

Accurately remove miscellaneous impurities such as glass, ceramics, stones, bricks, metals, sand, shells, bones, etc.

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FX series intelligent  X-Ray Foreign Matter Detector

  • High-speed algorithm accurate sorting: Imported HD linear array sensor + high speed image acquisition system Brings exceptionally sharp recognition, making foreign objects look like nowhere

  • High precision and low Air consumption ejectors: Original 64-channel self-injection nozzle and valve drive mode, Fast response and high rejection accuracy bringing greater output while dramatically reducing losses

  • Integrated design and maintenance: Integrated detection host and spray valve rejection device design,make installation and maintenance more convenient

  • High standard radiation protection: Using special radiation protection materials and structures,Ensure that the radiation is at the level of the natural body, which is safer and more reliable.

  • X-ray super brain recognition: The original software and hardware perfect collaborative design, super brain recognition ensures that the equipment clearly and sharply captures the original signal characteristics of the material, providing customers with the most economical sorting scheme.

  • Automatic intelligent parameter optimization: Automatic parameter setting and adjustment functions make the operation smarter

Note:Reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notice

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